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collect unpaid alimony
1/19/04, 2:12pm
lets, see, where to start, well.. i was barely a few months old when my mother left my father, taking me along, after long battles in court, it was issued that my father had to pay alimony which was set to 200$ a month... he paid for approximatively 1 year, but within that year he never paid on time and in the end of the year, he was trying to cheat by showing that he paid 200$ multiple times by tampering with the check receits.. etc.. etc.. so my mother gave up, she did not have time to go to the government office to file a complaint.... after some time i did see my father and he bought me little things.. clothes.. umm some shoes.. even a lemon car most likely valued at less than 1000$.. also for for a short period of time, he was giving me 100$ a month.. which slowly increased to 200$ a month.. but it only lasted 6 months.. or less... so calculating the things he got me, the 1 year of alimony, the 6 months that he paid me.. i can safely say that i am owed 15 years or more of unpaid alimony (assuming that the child gets paid until he reaches the age of 18).. i am now at the age of 22, and i am wondering if its too late to collect on that money ?.. who can sue my father ? me or my mother ? what procedures should i follow ? how much would a lawyer charge me ? how much can i get from my father ? on what basis can i sue my father (if i can that is).. please any and all information would help...

thank you

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