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Corrupt judicial representatives target racial minorities in Arizona
7/8/03, 8:31pm
Hi All,

I'm a new member and I wanted to inform you all of a case that will be coming to trial soon, Tripati v State of Arizona. You can go to in order to examine documents, etc., but my hope is to make people aware and to inspire law students everywhere to work hard against ever lowering yourselves to the level of corrupt judges and lawyers.

Lawsuit regarding fabrication of evidence by Maricopa County Attorney set for trial in federal court. Visit

Arizona Attorney General and Prison System sued under federal racketeering laws. Find out more details by visiting

Anant Kumar Tripati is 49-years-old, has a Ph.D. in Finance and Business Administration, a B.Sc., J.D. who until June 24, 1992 owned and operated Legal Research Associates, a firm specializing in providing litigation support to lawyers in complex litigation matters.
In 1992, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office--to prevent him from challenging the practice of the Maricopa County Attorney of targeting the racial minority and disadvantaged for arrest and prosecution--manufactured crimes, arrested, and sentenced him to prison for 52.5 years on one count of fraudulent schemes, two counts of attempted fraudulent schemes, and one count of false swearing.

More to be revealed through discussion. If there are any law students out there who wish to get involved with this case, email This case promises to tear at the fabric of the Arizona Judicial system. Please respond to this post and I will get back to you.

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