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Possible case against future ex-employer?
3/23/03, 9:57am
Anyone out there familiar with employment law, specifically in CA? Here's my dilemma:

For over a year now, I've been trying to either 1) Move into a new position through training, 2) Relocate to my boss's office in Irvine, or 3) Work from home full time.

My boss and I had a training plan worked out. Another admin in my group complained, so the VP of our group took that away from me.

I've also been told that my job is critical in San Jose and I have to be there 5 days a week. They also said that if they let me work from home, everyone else would want to as well. Keep in mind they are many employees at my company that work from home. My guess is they were talking about the other admins in my group.

Now, my boss already knows I'll be leaving at the end of next month. When we were chatting the other day, he said he's going to fight to have my replacement in Irvine (why he didn't fight for me to be there I don't know and at this point, don't care).

If they do hire my replacement in Irvine, where I requested to relocate, do I have any type of legal case??

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