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Rob Reed
Your own outlines
12/7/03, 11:58pm (Last Edited: 12/12/03, 12:10am)
If you have outlines that you would like to include in our database, CyberAttorney will host those outlines for you.

The outlines should be in ASCII, text format.

We will not accept Microsoft Word documents solely for security reasons.

Outlines can be emailed to, with the following information:

(1) your name;

(2) your email address;

(3) the class that the outline is for, the year of the class, the school that the author of the outline attended;

(4) your name if you wish to have credit for the outline submission

If you have a link to an outline web site that is not included in our database, or if you would like to learn how to set up such a site, feel free to start a discussion here.

Thanks for reading.

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