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Rob Reed
Springer Suit Dropped
1/4/03, 12:32am
Jerry Springer and his show were sued last year, ala Jenny Jones, when a woman who had appeared on the show was killed by her ex-husband.

Following an October appellate ruling, overturning the multi-million dollar verdict against Jenny Jones, the attorneys for the deceased's family lost their legal momentum.

It was announced yesterday that the suit was dropped. Defense counsel and plaintiff's counsel agreed to drop the suit in exchange of an agreement by the defense that they would not pursue a malicious prosecution action.

My Opinion

I think that this is an issue to be decided by a jury, rather than an appellate court. And, in the Jenny Jones case, the jury provided us with an answer: a talk show that sets up individuals in a potentially volatile situation should be held responsible for angry responses by those appearing on the show.

An important difference in the Springer case is that in Jenny Jones, the victim was the one with the angry response (in this case, it was a male friend revealing to another male friend that he - the "victim" was the object of a homosexual crush).

In Springer, the victim of the Springer set-up was the one who was killed.

In sum, another intervening cause came into play (the person who set-up the victim in the Springer case had been kicked out of a shared home by a restraining order earlier the same day of the murder). This is likely the reason why the case was dropped.

Interesting fact scenario in the Springer case. Man pretends to want to reconcile with his ex... turns out he is setting up his ex with his new gal-pal to tell the ex to stay out of their lives.

Interestingly enough, the three end up living together a month after the taping (yah, craaaaaaazy). And, shortly thereafter (on the day the show is broadcast), the "third wheel" ex files a restraining order kicking the other two out of the house. The ex is killed later that evening.

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