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Rob Reed
The Cross-Burning Issue
1/4/03, 12:42am
This first amendment issue is in the forefront, based upon a Virginia law that bans cross-burning. Arguments were heard by the Supreme Court in early December, and the opinion is still pending.

While I am not a supporter of the concept of cross-burning, my personal feeling is that we cannot make this illegal.

"White robes and masks, are they also symbols the state can ban?" - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I always dislike the argument that if we ban one particular activity, then it paves the way for further deprivations of our freedoms. But, in this context, it makes a lot of sense... if we do start here...the flag is next... white robes and masks are next... pornography... "offensive" books...

To me, it looks like the beginnings of a Nazi-like, fascist state where the only beliefs and opinions that can be offered or uttered are those that are of the majority view.

Not good.

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