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Rob Reed
CyberAttorney Blawgs
12/30/03, 7:15pm (Last Edited: 12/30/03, 7:19pm)
I have incorporated a system where you can set-up your own "blawg" using messages posted on CyberAttorney.

Next to each message, you'll see a "blogit!" link. By clicking this, you automatically add a messages to your CyberAttorney blawg which is located at:


As an example, I am Account Number 1. I can see this by looking at my member profile (which is viewable from the edit statistics link at the top of this page, if you are logged into the system).

My CyberAttorney blawg is located at:

There is no fee for this service. If you would like to use a directory (i.e.,, there is a $25 annual fee. If you would like your own domain name to point to your CyberAttorney blawg, the annual fee is $65.

I would appreciate any and all comments for improvement.

I imagine that there might be interest in "syndicating" the content of your blog as well as having "archives." I'll put these functions in effect if there is enough interest.

A few FYIs:

There are a maximum of 15 messages from the CyberAttorney message community held in your blog at a time.

All comments are posted messages in the CyberAttorney BBS

Why is this a free service? So that we can bring in new users, and -- possibly -- new blawggers.

• Not surprisingly, being as the blawg is located using a "member number," you must be a registered user of CyberAttorney in order to have a blawg

Happy blawgging.

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