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Rob Reed
CyberAttorney's Top Legal News Links of 2003
12/29/03, 5:09pm (Last Edited: 12/29/03, 5:15pm)
10. When bribing a cop, make sure he is hungry when offering a stack of Dunkin' Donut coupons. If cop refuses Dunkin Donut coupons as a bribe, it is best to refrain from threatening to put a bullet in said cop.

9. Attorney argues, in mitigation, that client's streaking was the "highlight" of a Namibia v. Romainia rugby match,4057,819

8. At a pre-trial hearing in a murder case, two Louisiana District Attorneys wear ties decorated with a hangman's noose and a Grim reaper [link doesn't work]

7. Fox sues Al Franken over use of "Fair and Balanced."

6. Singapore policeman jailed for sex with a 16-year old prostitute. It wasn't the girl's age or the prostitution that got him in trouble. It was the oral.

5. Limbaugh in trouble for allegedly purchasing hundreds of prescription pills a month and seeking a quartet of doctors to fuel his drug addiction

4. Bush signs anti-spam bill into law.

3. Masschussetts Court rules that the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional

2. Chief Justice Roy Moore loses his fight to keep ten commandments monument in courthouse

1. Michael Jackson charged on nine counts that include lewd acts against a child and administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of a felony

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