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About CyberAttorney

CyberAttorney was founded by Rob Reed in October, 1996. You can view various incarnations of this site at the Wayback Machine.

Rob Reed is a Southern California Attorney who practices general civil litigation (primarily personal injury and workers' compensation) in Mission Hills, CA. His e-mail address is rob@asklawyers.com.

CyberAttorney was established with the multi-purpose of: (a) providing a convenient method for consumers to find attorneys; (b) providing internet content tailored specifically to assist attorneys and law students (directory of legal products on the web, law student resources, and a directory of trial experts); (c) providing links to law-related news on the net (this law-related link system began on a permanent basis in December, 2003).

CyberAttorney Featured Web Sites

Asklawyers.com Asklawyers.com: A database of attorneys where the consumer searching for an attorney can send a single query to many at one time. The site is designed to make a consumer's search for an attorney on the net easier.

If you are a solo practioner or law firm, you can sign-up for inclusion in the Asklawyers.com database here. The price is $50/year per area of practice.

RRBBS.com RRBBS Discussion Group: A general discussion bulletin board that provides a free "blogging" service for registered users. If you are looking for a place to start your own blog for no charge and with no obligation, this is a good place to go. Click here for more information on RRBBS' free blogging service.

The bulletin board is written entirely in Perl... and it is a fun place to hang out. Please join us in the discussions!

findlien.com Findlien.com: This site is currently on the backburner, pending completion of the areas of this site, and some general updating on the RRBBS site.

The premise: personal injury and workers comp attorneys can search for doctors in their area who treat clients on a lien basis. As I am a personal injury attorney and have been a solo for only a few years, I still get clients in areas where I am not aware of any lien-accepting doctors. I hope this will become a system to help me as well as other attorneys.

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